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Durham Cathedral

Durham Cathedral has a very important place in my heart. I was at Durham University from 2004-2008 and my graduation ceremony took place in the cathedral. Having recently been back for a visit, I thought it would be a good prompt for this blog.

The picture came from this site about Durham Cathedral and Castle as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The homepage for Durham Cathedral is here.

The Cathedral was voted Britain’s favourite building in a survey in 2001.

What would you do with this picture and / or any of the information from the other sites in your class? You can make any assumptions you like about the context in which it is used.

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Comments on: "Durham Cathedral" (6)

  1. Possibly slightly controversial…tell students that they’ve just bought Durham Cathedral, and that they have ten million pounds to redesign the interior as they see fit. Will they turn it into a truly bangin’ concert hall? Or will they convert it into their dream home, complete with indoor swimming pool and spectacular high diving board from the upper galleries?

    Alternatively, for practising directions, get some floor plans of the cathedral, and draw a battleships style gird over them. Students have to guide their partners around the floor plan to get to specific squares.

  2. Maybe ask kids/young teens to see it as a picture of Sleeping Giants. Ask them to spot faces, then give them names, characters, a backstory, make up a class story about them.
    Or just show the picture and ask them what it makes them think of, what comes to mind – not with teens unless they’re ‘in touch’ with their imaginations, but with adults – and go with whatever they come up with, architecture, novels they’ve read, history, religion, art…..

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  4. You could go with the favourite building article and have the students draw up a list of their favourite buildings, in their country or just their local area, then decide on a favourite.

    They could separate into pairs or groups to create a presentation or poster justifying why ‘their’ building should win the the ‘favourite building’ competition. Maybe they could produce a glogster prezo and have the online world vote for the winner!

  5. One thing that occurs to me…using -ED adjectives to describe materials/processes….carved statues, vaulted ceilings, stained glass,…and the difference between those and -ING adjectives for purpose (carving knife, fishing rod, hiking boots, running shoes….)

    Sorry, it’s late and I’m not feeling so creative… 🙂

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