Collaborative idea generation for ELT


Just a word this week:


That’s it.
What would you do with this word in your classroom? You can make any assumptions you like about the context it is used in. Post your ideas in the comments below. All ideas are welcome (there are no wrong answers!)

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Comments on: "Pillow" (8)

  1. You could discuss the different shapes of pillows available in different countries. In the UK they tend to be square, but in France they are more commonly square. You also get the cylindrical ‘traversin’. You could also have a discussion about the materials used to make pillows.

  2. Sorry, I meant rectangular for the UK.

  3. you could take one in to class with you to kick off the discussion – and then get the students to brainstorm as many different uses as possible for a pillow – being as creative or whacky as they want – teams could score points for the most original/impractical/world-saving etc etc uses – I remember a recent twitter conversation about nursing damaged ankles for example … 😉

  4. Use it as a warmer (or cooler) put the word on the board and ask the class to try and find X number of words in it e.g. PILLOW PILL PLOW POLL WILL ILL LIP LOP LOW OIL OWL POI POL POW WOP LI LO OP OW PI WO

  5. You could brainstorm other related words. Out ‘Pillow” on the board and make like a spider/brainstorm chart, for example; pillow – bed – blanket – bedroom . . . all things that surround the word pillow. It would be only be a 5-10 minute activity, but a great way for a beginner class to review vocabulary of things in the bedroom.

  6. Brings back happy memories: Many moons ago, I had an Italian girlfriend whoseabsolute favourite English word was ‘pillow’. She thought it was a perfect representation of the thing, big and soft and bouncy and comforting. (sigh)

    Maybe you could just pronounce it, write it up and ask people to guess what it is, along with a few other words. It might get people to concentrate on the sound and look of words before the meaning.

    Pillo in Spanish is I catch, or I trap.

  7. Write a classified ad for your favourite pillow.

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