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This week is one which sees two important birthdays being celebrated.

Many of you will have seen the Google doodle yesterday, created to mark the company’s 13th birthday:

Google's 13th birthdayThe other birthday (clearly much more significant!) is the first anniversary of #eltchat, weekly Twitter chats taking place at 12pm and 9pm GMT/BST. They are where I have found much of the inspiration for this blog, as well as a lot of friendly and motivating people.

Eltchat's 1st birthday

How would you use these images in your classroom? You can make any assumptions you like about the context they are used in. Post your ideas in the comments below. All ideas are welcome (there are no wrong answers!)

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Comments on: "Birthdays" (1)

  1. Not about the images, but a fun birthday activity. When it is someone’s birthday, tell the students they are going to have a quick quiz. Cut out all the questions and also draw a grid for the answers on the board. Question 1. What are Reginald Perrin’s intials? Q2. Children often use diminutive forms for animals such as doggy, piggy etc. What term do they use for a small bird? Q3. How many kidneys do most people have? Q4. What is the name of a female sheep. etc.
    If the students don’t know an answer they can ask their colleagues and hopefully you will get most of the grid filled up. At some stage someone will notice that the answers read: RP birdy 2 ewe… etc. I have used this a few times and in every case, the class quickly joins in with the singing. At the end, you pull out the cake complete with candle and you make your birthday student very happy.

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