Collaborative idea generation for ELT

An Education wordcloud

I made this using Tagxedo for my class on Monday and thought other teachers might find it useful. I’ve included the list of words I put in too.

Education word cloudThe words are:

education education education

at~school at~university at~college

teacher pupil student classmate headteacher principal professor tutor

take~an~exam pass~an~exam fail~an~exam

study learn know teach educate




topic subject

seminar lecture tutorial

grant fee

mark grade


term semester


play~truant skive

assignment notes







What would you do with this wordcloud in your classroom? You can make any assumptions you like about the context it is used in. Post your ideas in the comments below. There are no wrong ideas!

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Comments on: "An Education wordcloud" (3)

  1. Basic vocabulary building: students pick 5 words (or more if they like) look them up in a dictionary, classify them, and then find related words: for example, for public I’d encourage them to look for words like publicly, publicise, publication, etc. also could look for synonyms and antonyms.

    Students then form small groups and compare/contrast what they got.


  2. It could be nice to get students to make their own one first of all, assess what words they think of and then compare with this version. What words do they have which are the same. Which words are similar to theirs, what don’t they have? what do they mean etc.

  3. Another vocabulary activity: get learners to group the words. They can group them however they want, but they have to be able to explain the reason behind their grouping. This allows them to learn the vocabulary in the wordcloud and develop their reasoning skills.

    Writing exercise: I just read eltchat’s summary of making writing more stimulating. Learners could write a story using as many of the words mentioned in this wordcloud. Also, make it into a competition, the learner, pair or group that uses the most words – or word families – wins.

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