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The Beatles

Everybody has heard of The Beatles, and I’m sure many of us have used one of their songs in our classrooms at some point.

The Beatles

Image from Wikipedia

What would you do with this image or any Beatles song or story in your classroom? You can make any assumptions you like about the context it is used in. Post your ideas in the comments below. All ideas are welcome (there are no wrong answers!)

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Comments on: "The Beatles" (5)

  1. There’s a game in one of the coursebooks, I think it’s New Headway teacher’s book Elementary, where a group of old men are taking a trip down memory lane, but start disagreeing on the details. Students have a role card each, and have to argue about the information that they remember to be correct, about which year it was that they did things, or exactly which place it was where something happened.

    You could make role cards with conflicting information about concerts / tours / song titles etc about the history of the Beatles. In groups of three, the students take a role each, and have to argue about whose memory is correct. Each piece of information should be correct on two cards, and false on one card, so that the majority is the correct information. That way you can practice things like ‘I agree with him’, or ‘he’s right’ etc.

  2. I reckon none of my ss would actually recognise the four of them so would perhaps do some sort of guessing activity where the ss have to write biographies, make assumptions about their identities, etc etc. Do lots of work around past tenses, descriptive language, and anything else that came up.

    Then tell the ss (briefly) who they actually are and then get them to work in groups to research online and write biographies of John, Paul, George & Ringo and for the whole band.

    I’d maybe follow it up with a song – When I’m 64 maybe, or Eleanor Rigby perhaps, although it would be fun to see what they made of I am the Walrus. “Excuse me, what is an ‘eggman’?”

    I do use Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band & Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds in teacher training sessions on noun phrases.

  3. Mike Harrison said:

    Discuss how Elvis is so much better. ;o)

  4. Chris Wilson said:

    It has been remarked before, by more than one person, that I bare a striking resemblance to George Harrison.

    I could use this image to introduce the idea of celebrity look a-likes and vocabulary to do with descriptions of people and comparatives. It could all end with a cocktail party of celebrity look-a-likes who students could compare to the celebrity [Oh yes, but his/her nose is bigger etc].

  5. If Ss don’t know the band, which can happen with teenagers, they can predict what the men’s job is. This could be skipped if they know Beatles. Then we can match each face with the musical instruments they play, show video to check and work with more musical instruments. We can talk about their personality, e.g. how bass guitar sounds and what personality adjectives could Ss use to describe the person who plays the bass guitar or drums like arrogant, easy-going, optimistic. We can practice phrases like I guess, I believe, In my view.
    Otherwise Ss can write thought bubbles. ‘What do you think the people are thinking?’ And then they stick them to the photos and read. Then they can agree or disagree and discuss.

    I’d love to try to do such a lesson. Hope the ideas will appeal to someone.

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