Collaborative idea generation for ELT

Recently the British television channel Channel 4 created a programme called ‘Make Bradford British‘. It has had very mixed reviews and prompted a lot of debate about multiculturalism, as well as looking at the controversial Citizenship test which those wanting to settle permanently in the UK or claim British citizenship must pass.

On one page of the accompanying website they published a word cloud of tweets shared under the hashtag #MakesYouBritish. This is a screen capture of the results as I write this (the map is updated every minute):

What makes you British wordcloud

Sam Shepherd tweeted the link to the website and suggested using it in class, which makes it perfect as an Infinite ELT Ideas prompt.

What would you do with these words in your classroom? You can make any assumptions you like about the context they are used in. Post your ideas in the comments below. All ideas are welcome (there are no wrong answers!)

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Comments on: "What makes Britain British" (7)

  1. Dude! This came like a gift from above. I’m using it in my 1-1 conversation class, will report on outcome.

  2. Absolutely brilliant! I’m ‘sharing’ this straight away.

    Thank you – I’ll let you know if I do anything clever with it.

  3. sharon noseley said:

    I think this prompt could lead to a very touchy but interesting discussion on ‘identity’..immigration and patriotism..something my SS in Greece do not cope with very well but should be addressed. a lesson for crossing cultural borders….thanks so much for an intrigiung subject! Plus. I loved it as most of my SS think the UK is all red buses, fish and chips and very (white) English -an eye opener indeed!

  4. I can see a couple of ideas.
    1. What could be true of your country from this list? How “British are they?”
    2. What would you include in the word cloud for your country?
    In a monolingual classroom you could even get students (and their friends?) to tweet (if they do) what makes their country their country and make a word cloud with that.

  5. !. Show word cloud – students describe what they see.
    2. Give background to flag’s creation.
    3. Students choose word/words from flag and speculate on how they are connected to Britishness.
    4. What words would be on your country’s flag/word cloud?
    5. Refer to citizenship test – what questions do you think are on the test?
    6. Go to Guardian article: Are they the same?
    7. What questions would your country’s citizenship test have?
    8. Role play citizenship test – home office official/migrant

  6. Hi Andrew,
    Thanks very much for adding a comment to Infinite ELT Ideas. It’s nice to know that it’s still being used!

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