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Time for a holiday?

For April, I have planned a month of advert-themed prompts on Infinite ELT Ideas. Here is the second:

Here is another advert from my cinema trip. It advertises the British holiday company Thomson.

What would you do with this advert in your classroom? You can make any assumptions you like about the context it is used in. Post your ideas in the comments below. All ideas are welcome (there are no wrong answers!)

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Comments on: "Time for a holiday?" (5)

  1. Here’s something that occurs to me for a group of B2+ adults:

    Write on the board “It’s time…..” and give students 30 seconds or so to write down an ending to the sentence.

    Students mingle and share their sentences. Teacher takes part too, feeding in a sentence like “It’s time I went home”.

    Feedback – which sentences can students remember? See if anybody remembers your sentence, and go over the possible structures with “It’s time….”

    Now tell students that they’re going to read a text in which one of the words sounds strange in the context. Students read the text quickly to identify the odd-sounding word.

    Bananas – so much to answer for. Never enough bananas in the day. Not enough bananas in the week. Everyone wants a little piece of banana. It’s time you stopped, switched off, forgot about bananas, put down your phone and held your loved one’s banana. Nice, isn’t it? Those close to you, share with them a banana or two and they’ll cherish it forever. The time you spend on bananas is the time when nothing matters, when there’s just you, the sky, the sea, and the bananas who mean everything in the world to you.

    Now tell them to replace banana(s) with an alternative. You’ll probably need to tell them not use the same word in each gap.

    If they need help, display the answers in a word cloud and get them to check.

    Ask students what kind of text it is – hopefully someone will say that it’s an advert for a holiday company.

    Put the students in groups and, if you have laptops / smartphones / a computer room and internet connection, send them to

    Tell them they’ve been contracted to design an advert for a holiday company, and they should choose five images to illustrate the advert, decide who is going to do the voiceover (celebrity, travel agent etc), and if there is going to be music or a song in the background.

    When they’ve finished, each group presents their ideas to the rest of the class. Play the original advert and students vote on which they like best.

    Finish off with a discussion on holidays, time, holiday advertising etc

  2. I’ve just seen this new Thomas Cook advert, which I think would be great for talking about extreme sports, or all the different things you could do on holiday, or variety in the world, or…

    • I agree – the new ad has lots of classroom potential.

      As for the “Time for a Holiday” ad, I’ve used it twice almost as I described. Was in a room with one computer and not enough smartphones to go round to send students to eltpics, so I asked them to imagine and describe the images they’d use.

      The third time I used it was to end the class. I asked students to close their eyes, and I played the ad with the screen turned off. Afterwards, students described to a partner what images had gone though their minds. Then they watched the ad, and everyone went home relaxed.

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