Collaborative idea generation for ELT

Mother, daughter and doll by Boushra Almutawakel

Mother, Daugh­ter and Doll is a series of 8 photos by Boushra Almutawakel. She is an Arab Muslim living in Yemen, who wears a hijab. The photos are a way of opening a discussion on the role of veiling. They were featured as the Guardian Pictures of the week a couple of weeks ago.

What would you do with these photos in your classroom? You can make any assumptions you like about the context they are used in. Post your ideas in the comments below. All ideas are welcome (there are no wrong answers!)

Click here to find out the idea behind this blog.

I’m posting this on the day of the first ever Image Conference. Why not take a look at the site to find inspiration for your suggestions?

P.S. Thanks Sharon for pointing these photos out to me.

Comments on: "Mother, Daughter and Doll" (1)

  1. Wow, this is SO powerful! Don’t have any ideas at the moment but it certainly moved me!
    Naomi (@naomishema)

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