Collaborative idea generation for ELT

A long time ago (so long ago he’s almost certainly forgotten about it) Ken Wilson shared a link to a buzzfeed article called ‘36 things you obviously need in your new home‘.

This is my favourite:

A library staircase

A library staircase

What would you do with these pictures in your classroom? You can make any assumptions you like about the context they are used in. Post your ideas in the comments below. All ideas are welcome (there are no wrong answers!)

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Comments on: "36 things you obviously need in your new home" (3)

  1. This is great, just what I need! I’ll use this for the opening online homework task of the year. Since I’m moving apt this summer it will be good sharing “what did you do this summer” with work on phrases like would and wish.
    I’ll get back to you in August – need to prepare it for 4 levels!
    BTW, the bookcase is also my favorite – I have the books. Where are the stairs? Room for stairs? LOL!

  2. laurasheehanedwards said:

    Wow! What an amazing staircase!

    I’d use the picture as a means of generating vocabulary to describe the ‘owner’ (rich, intelligent, well-read, innovative, creative, etc.) with modals to expand on the ideas and explain why such a staircase is in someone’s house. (She might have studied design. He could have inherited a lot of money unexpectedly and built his dream house.)

    The students could then pick some of the words and ideas suggested by classmates and write a back story for the fictitious owner, who they are and how they came to be living in such a house. This could be in the form of a Hello magazine-style feature – the successful business person/ tv star presenting their home to the world.

    You could also guess what other cool features the house may have and have students decide which would be their top five ‘must have’ features.
    The article you referenced has given me some great ideas for my dream home. I’d better start saving the euros!

    • Thanks Laura. I like the idea of creating a magazine article with the owner’s back story. Maybe students could have a different photo each to create them from, and the others then have to guess which back story matches each picture.

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