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20 Phrasal Verbs

Gordon Scruton sent me this tweet last week:

The link took me to his blog, about an interesting lesson based on the 20 most common phrasal verbs in English. The list he based the lesson on came from the Learn English from Home blog, and I have copied it below.

bring up, carry on, chase up, come across, come up with, fall apart, get along, get away with, get over, give up, go on, hold on, look after, look up, make out, pull over, put down, put off, turn up, watch out. (Click here for the original article with explanations)

So, what would you do with this list of phrasal verbs in class? Take a look at Gordon’s lesson for a bit of inspiration, and let’s help him out with some more ideas 🙂 You can make any assumptions you like about the context they are used in. There are no wrong answers…

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