Collaborative idea generation for ELT

This cartoon popped up in my blog feed the other day, and I immediately thought it would make a fun addition to any sports lesson. You could show the students some of the emoticon combinations and ask them to match them to the names, then come up with the rules for this particular sport, especially if they’re not feeling very creative and are unable to come up with their own sport (the classic activity!)

What else could you do with this cartoon in your classroom? You can make any assumptions you like about the context they are used in. Post your ideas in the comments below. All ideas are welcome (there are no wrong answers!)

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Comments on: "New sports created from random emoji" (2)

  1. Hi Sandy,

    I tried to find an email for you. And I tried a twitter message.

    I’d be grateful if you could answer these questions and then post them to me or on your blog. Thanks in advance. Best, Geoff

    1. What is your view of the English language? How do you transmit this view to teachers?
    2. How do you think people learn an L2? How do you explain language learning to teachers?
    3. What types of syllabus do you discuss with teachers? Which type do you recommend to them?
    4. What materials do you recommend?
    5. What methodological principles do you discuss with teachers? Which do you recommend to them?

    • Hi Geoff,
      Thank you for getting in touch. I’m afraid I haven’t seen your Twitter message, so I’m grateful for you persevering with contacting me. Somebody sent me your blogpost a week or so ago, so I’d actually already added this to my to do list. I’m afraid I haven’t had a chance to reply yet as our new academic year began on Monday 24th, so it’s the busiest period of the year for me right now. Please feel free to get back to me if I haven’t replied by the end of October.

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